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The 3 Kinds of Water Damage

If you have water damage in your Phoenix home, immediate action is key to minimize damage and maximize restoration. The first step to get started with restoration is figuring out where the water came from. Once you know where the water came from, you will have a good sense of what sorts of hazardous materials might be in the water. The potential water sources fall into three categories, which determine the level of safety precautions required to protect from disease. Don’t put yourself at risk — if you suspect there may be harmful matter present, it is essential that you call in the experts. At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration we have the expertise and equipment to safely clean up water damage and restore your home.

Clean water, or potable water, is the water that flows out of the faucets in your home. This is water that you can safely drink straight from the faucet. If a leak or break happens anywhere along the pipe from the water main to the faucet (but not from the faucet out of the home), the water is clean. If the damage is limited, you can safely and likely successfully clean up this damage yourself. Immediate action is important if you want to do your own water damage restoration for clean water, because the water can pick up contaminants from the building materials it touches.

Gray water is water that will only have limited contamination from use in the home, including the bath, shower, sink, or dishwasher – provided you have not poured anything unusual down the drain. If your water damage is from gray water, some protective measures should be taken to stay safe when cleaning. Expert cleaning and restoration is recommended.

Black water is dangerous. This category includes any water that might contain microbes, bacterial matter, parasites, and other items that are an extreme health hazard. Water damage in this classification usually comes from a sewer backup or flood.

Whatever the source of the water damage in your Phoenix property, call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration today.