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Simple Steps for Phoenix Water Damage

Follow these tips from Phoenix water damage restoration expert ServiceMaster All Care Restoration to get your home restored to its pre-loss condition.

1. If you have a Phoenix water damage disaster in your home, the first step toward restoration is locating the water source and shutting it off.
2. Shut off power to the affected zone, especially if you see standing water, water in the walls, or suspect that storm damage may have affected the power.
3. Bring in the experts. Call ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, your local professional water damage cleanup experts.
4. If there is standing water in your home, do not attempt to suck up the water using your vacuum cleaner. Wait for the professionals to arrive with commercial grade water extraction equipment.
5. Remove any small furniture, artwork, breakables, or items that may be knocked down, if it is safe for you to enter the space.
6. In carpeted areas where the carpet itself is damp, furniture that you cannot remove should be placed on aluminum foil to protect the furniture from additional Phoenix water damage and guard against carpet stains.
7. Wet area rugs should be removed, and floor length curtains looped up and tied to keep them off the ground. Remove wet cushions from couches.
8. If cabinets are affected, open them so they can begin to air dry.

If you are in need of Phoenix water cleanup, don’t hesitate to call now—at any time, any day of the week. At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors and making this tough experience as easy as possible for you.