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Phoenix Water Restoration First Steps

Immediate action is vital when you are facing Phoenix water damage. Follow these three steps to kick-start your Phoenix water restoration.

Halt the flow of water
The first action to take when you discover water damage in your home or business is locating and shutting off the water source. More water means more damage. If the water is coming into your Phoenix property from outside, direct the flow of water away from your home or commercial facility. If it is coming from an internal source such as a burst pipe or overflowing tub, shut off the water line.

Call in the experts immediately
The longer you wait before bringing in Phoenix water damage restoration professionals, the greater the damage becomes. Continued saturation can cause wood and other building materials to warp permanently over time, and the longer the water stays, the more chance it has to work its way through cracks or into the floor below.

Remove your belongings from the affected space
Relocate your belongings and small, movable furniture to a dry space. Only do so if you can safely enter the area—do not stand on saturated carpet or in standing water if the electricity is on. Moving your possessions to a safe space and laying them out to dry decreases the risk of irreversible damage. Even if your belongings are not wet, the moisture in the air can cause water damage or lead to mold growth.

With the Phoenix water damage restoration experts on-site, you can rest easy knowing that all possible effort is being made to return your property to its pre-loss condition. At ServiceMaster All Care Restoration, our Phoenix water cleanup and reconstruction professionals are always here to help—24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.