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First Steps for Phoenix Water Damage

For water damage in Phoenix, Arizona, take action immediately to minimize the damage and the cost. To help you get started, local restoration experts from ServiceMaster All Care Restoration have a few suggestions to get started.

• Do not use electricity while on wet floors, in standing water, or otherwise in contact with wet items.
• Turn off the power before entering an area with water.
• If you have a wet/dry shop vac, you may be able to use that to extract water. Never try to use a normal household vacuum cleaner for water extraction.
• Buckets, towels, or mops can also be used to manually remove smaller amounts of water.
• Depending on the weather outside, it may be good to open doors and windows so air can flow through the room, helping the drying to start.
• Set up fans to move air throughout the room as well, if you can do so safely.
• Remove smaller furniture, breakable items such as lamps and picture frames, or other objects that may be at risk or in the way during the Phoenix water damage cleanup process.
• Wipe down wet furniture.
• Lift furniture on aluminum foil or blocks if the floor is damp to avoid damaging both the furniture and the flooring.
• Fluff pillows and couch cushions and set them to dry so that as much surface area is exposed as possible.
• Remove rugs, curtains, and other fabric items and hang them to dry.

Follow these simple steps to get a jump-start on the Phoenix water damage restoration process while the restoration professionals are on their way.