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We work with your customers to ensure their complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Save time and money by calling our remote monitoring program and Quality Restoration Vendors program.  These programs are designed to give insurance providers consistent, reliable and real-time data reporting.

We are able to solve residential disasters quickly, no matter what the problem.  Just have them call one number, 1-877-560-9111, whenever a disaster of any type affects their home.  Our technicians are able to take care of all special services, from document restoration to carpet drying, and will leave your customer thoroughly satisfied.  Our technicians can also help teach customers how to mitigate some of the damages with helpful hints on taking care of their property.

Our Quality Restoration Vendors program is our top-of-the-line team of disaster restoration professionals who quickly arrive on the scene with pre-authorized solutions, saving you and your customer time and money.  Our Remote Monitoring Program delivers consistent and reliable data to the  insurance providers and eliminates the likelihood of human error.  It also helps to reduce complications that may arise during the drying process as our monitoring software immediately alerts us to any problems.  It also allows homeowners and insurance representatives the ability to track their water damage recovery process online, restoring their peace of mind that their home and belongings are drying properly.

Here are examples of the pre-approved mitigation services provided through insurance company vendor programs:

Water loss

  • Loss site inspection, evaluation and free estimates
  • Water damage mitigation including extraction services
  • Initiate the drying process
  • Lift/remove wet or damaged carpet
  • Dispose of wet carpet padding
  • Use of air movers and dehumidifiers
  • Move and inspect furniture to facilitate drying of carpet and structure
  • Handle mold in areas of up to 100 square feet

Fire loss

  • Loss site inspection, evaluation and free estimates
  • Emergency pre-cleaning (fire mitigation is limited to the pre-cleaning treatment of “at risk” surfaces such as metal, marble or any surface at risk of being etched from the corrosive gasses from the fire)
  • In the event of water, accomplish pre-authorized water procedures
  • Report findings to the adjuster to determine what else may need to be done, such as pack-out service and/or contents cleaning

For disaster restoration, Phoenix relies on ServiceMaster All Care Restoration. We offer 24 hour emergency restoration and cleaning. Call 623-486-0700 or 1-877-560-9111 for immediate response.